About Us

XRecycler is a company in Singapore. Our company's vision is to care for and protect the environment. We have abundant human resources and lower recycling costs. With four factories in Malaysia and Laos, we are positioned to provide efficient and cost-effective recycling solutions.

Business Introduction

We specialize in the comprehensive recycling of e-waste, SSD, and lithium batteries, as well as offering IT asset disposition (ITAD) services. The company works together with commitment and integrity to serve our customers, ensuring that all types of waste are properly disposed of and that data on all types of storage hardware is securely destroyed.

Our advantage
Choose our major advantages and resource recycling to solve all your troubles
R2 certification

R2 certification is used to evaluate and monitor whether enterprises comply with R2 standards, protecting the health and safety of the environment, workers, and communities.

NEA verification
We have NEA GWDF (General Waste Disposal Facility) and TIWC (Toxic Industrial Waste Collector) licences.